These 10 Pop Stars Can Get Their Fans To Say, Do Or Buy Anything


Plenty of celebrities have taken up the lucrative hobby of tweeting endorsements.

But whose followers actually listen to and absorb the shout-outs?

Klout measures the audience-engaging abilities of Twitter members using a 35-variable formula (they consider clicks, retweets, direct messages and more).

You might be surprised to learn which pop stars’ fans will blindly follow their lead. (And whose don’t care what they say.)

Scores are based on a 100-point scale.

#10: Katy Perry scored 88 per cent.

#9: Teen R&B singer Jasmine V might seem way less famous -- but she matches Perry at 88 per cent.

#8: Though she's only been around a short time, Nicki Minaj scored 89 per cent.

#7: Selena Gomez's tween devotees led her to a score of 90 per cent.

#6: Which she shares with Miley Cyrus.

#5: And Joe Jonas! It's a Disney Channel trifecta.

#4: Rihanna edged them out just barely with 91 per cent.

#3: But strangely, Chris Brown surpassed her with 92 per cent.

#2: Lady Gaga's little monster army lifted her to 94 per cent.

#1: And the king of Twitter influence? Justin Bieber, with a perfect 100 per cent.

So who's not-so-powerful?

Willie Nelson's score is 57 per cent. Dave Matthews scored 54 per cent. And David Bowie bottomed out at 52 per cent.

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