Jerry Seinfeld collected a wall of autographs from 'Seinfeld' guest stars -- and Bryan Cranston's is great

Seinfeld Bryan CranstonNBC via YouTubeBefore he was famous, Bryan Cranston played Jerry’s dentist Dr. Tim Whatley on ‘Seinfeld.’

“Seinfeld” was about four incredibly self-centered New Yorkers. Yet, it also had a huge ensemble of rotating guest stars, many of who went go on to achieve huge fame on their own.

Some of those actors include Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”), Courtney Cox (“Friends”), and Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”).

A Seinfeld installation, now on display for a limited time in New York to celebrate the arrival of “Seinfeld” on Hulu, found a way to capture the epic scope of actors who took part in nine seasons of the series.

During the wrap party that took place after the show’s final episode was taped, the cast and crew were encouraged to sign a giant wall-sized board.

Seinfeld ExhibitIan Phillips/Business InsiderEverybody who attended the ‘Seinfeld’ wrap party signed the board.
Seinfeld ExhibitIan Phillips/Business InsiderJerry Seinfeld kept this in storage for years and donated it to the exhibition.

Look closely and you might recognise a few of the names.

The message “No soup for you!” is probably familiar, but the name might not be. That is Larry Thomas, the actor who played the Soup Nazi, a role which would define his entire career.

Seinfeld Soup NaziGetty ImagesLarry Thomas, who played The Soup Nazi, stopped by the exhibit.

Here is another one from Jerry Stiller, the father of Ben Stiller, who played the volatile Frank Costanza, who most notably invented Festivus.

Seinfeld ExhibitIan Phillips/Business InsiderComedy legend Jerry Stiller played Frank Costanza, George’s dad and the inventor of Festivus.

His message reads, “to the greatest since The Brothers Marx – Love Jerry Stiller.” This is a bold, yet fair, comparison, especially coming from a comedy legend like Jerry Stiller.

Seinfeld Jerry Stiller Frank CostanzaNBC via YouTubeJerry Stiller as Frank Costanza.

One that really pops out is from Bryan Cranston.

Today, Cranston is an Emmy-winning actor known for his legendary turn as Walter White in “Breaking Bad.” But before that, and “Malcolm in the Middle,” Cranston popped up from time to time as Jerry’s dentist, Dr. Tim Whatley.

He showed up to the wrap party and left a message referencing the great character he got to play.

The red ink is a little hard to read, but the message says, “Guys, Don’t forget to floss. All the best, Bryan Cranston (Tim Whatley DD) THE RE-GIFTER.”

Seinfeld ExhibitIan Phillips/Business InsiderFuture ‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston got his first big break on ‘Seinfeld.’

That last line refers to the episode “The Label Maker,” in which Tim Whatley is referred to as a “re-gifter,” or a person who gets a gift they don’t like, so they give it to somebody else as a gift. It is one of the many phrases that “Seinfeld” invented.

According to a Hulu representative, Jerry Seinfeld had this in storage for many years, but now you can see it in person, along with many other artifacts from the show.

The “Hulu Presents: Seinfeld Apartment Fan Experience” can be seen at 451 W 14th Street in Manhattan from June 24 through June 28.

Every episode of “Seinfeld” will begin streaming on Hulu Wednesday, June 24.

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