Segway is releasing something it says is cooler than a hoverboard that can zoom over grass and gravel

When hoverboards zoomed onto the tech scene late last year, many described the trendy not-actually-hovering devices as the cooler, hands-free version of the Segway. 

Whelp, now Segway has a new device that it says is the cooler version of a hoverboard. 

Walking around the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we stumbled upon Segway’s booth where it was showing off a new device launching next month that looks like a hoverboard but with a little pole in the center.

Instead of turning by putting more pressure on one for or the other, like on the other hoverboards on the market, the new Segway uses pressure from your legs. 

“That makes it much more stable,” the booth spokesperson assured me.

Helpful, because after people received hoverboards for the holidays, YouTube lit up with painful-looking videos of users tumbling off them. 

Segway’s device also has larger, air-filled tires (versus the typical small rubber ones) which allows it to navigate over grass, gravel, and bumps. 

And the spokesperson promises that it won’t spontaneously burst into flames

Because of that reputation for combustion that hoverboards earned, I’m also assured that that is not what I should call Segway’s new machines. 

“This is not a hoverboard,” he says. “This is a Segway.” 

And so the tech circle of life continues. 

We’ll see if Segway will be able to get the likes of Kendall Jenner and Nicki Minaj tweeting about it.  


 You can buy Segway’s device for an initial price of $1,299 next month (with cheaper models to come, I’m told) and could ride it for 18.6 miles on a single charge.  

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