A mini version of the classic Sega Genesis is almost here, but we got it a month early — take a look

Ben Gilbert/Business InsiderThe Sega Genesis Mini.
  • Sega’s 30-year-old Genesis is back – the Sega Genesis Mini is headed to North American stores in September, and elsewhere in early October.
  • Like the NES and SNES Classic Edition consoles, the Sega Genesis Mini looks like a smaller version of the original – but there’s a twist: It has a whopping 42 built-in games.
  • Though the Sega Genesis Mini doesn’t arrive until September 19, we got one in to Business Insider HQ early. Here’s a thorough look at the miniaturized Sega Genesis!
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30 years after the console wars between Nintendo and Sega officially kicked off, Sega is making a triumphant return to the world of game consoles with the Sega Genesis Mini.

The console, which arrives in North America on September 19 and costs $US80, is exactly what it sounds like: a miniaturized version of the original Sega Genesis (aka the Sega “Mega Drive” outside of North America).

It’s adorably small and packed with a whopping 42 games, and we just got one in very early. So we took a bunch of photos! Take a first look below:

First and foremost: Yes, the box is intended as a throwback to the original retail packaging of the Sega Genesis.

Ben Gilbert/Business InsiderEveryone’s favourite blue hedgehog is ready for action.

But the differences start jumping out pretty quickly. For one, the box is much smaller (of course). More importantly, on the rear, you’ll find over three-dozen games — all of which are built-in to the console directly:

Ben Gilbert/Business InsiderThat’s 42 games in total, including at least one unreleased game.

Check out the full list of 42 games on the Sega Genesis Mini right here!

But enough with the box — let’s head inside:

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Actually, hold up for one second — here’s the full list of the contents inside:

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

The first things I pulled out were the two replica Genesis gamepads. Admittedly it’s been a few decades since I’ve handled one of these with any regularity, but the replica feels good to me.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Notably, there’s one major difference with the replica gamepad: a USB connection.

Ben Gilbert/Business InsiderBad news: This won’t work on an original Genesis. Good news: You can probably plug it in and use it with a PC!

Here she is, in all her glory: The Sega Genesis Mini, looking almost exactly like the original Genesis.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

There are some minor differences, like these USB plugs replacing the original proprietary plugs:

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

In general, though, it’s <em>extremely</em> similar to the original.

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

And in the back, the original ports are swapped for modern ones — DC power in and HDMI out:

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Those controllers deserve a closer look:

Ben Gilbert/Business InsiderThese are the original-style controllers that the Genesis came with — a later model featured six face buttons.

The d-pad is also quite similar to the original — a sturdy-yet-squishy feel:

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Notably, I said “controllers” — as in, there are two controllers included in the $US80 package:

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

Here’s a look at everything that’s in the box:

Ben Gilbert/Business Insider

But perhaps you’d like to see the console in action? Great news: Here’s a brief walkthrough of what you can expect when the Sega Genesis Mini arrives on September 19:

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