Seeking: Laid-Off Tech Workers


The New York Post began a clever series today called “Getting back to work.” It features five recently laid-off New Yorkers — an editor, a financial analyst, a sales manager, a bank exec and a lawyer — as they claw their way back to employment. The Post will update readers on their progress every Monday.

We’d like to copy the idea and feature five laid-off workers in tech.

If you’d like to be one of our subjects, email [email protected] with:

  • your name
  • a headshot
  • your last job
  • your previous salary
  • your age
  • your location
  • your education and expertise
  • your rent/mortage
  • Your IM and Email, which we won’t publish (unless you want us to), but will use to follow up with more questions.

We’ll select five laid-off tech workers and follow up with more question.

Of course our series will probably only last a couple weeks. Once they hear your stories and qualifications, the many Alley Insider readers in a position to hire will likely gobble whomever we feature.

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