SEEK: New Jobs Ads Return To Highest Levels Since January

Picture: Getty Images

The last 12 months was a good time to be a design architect in Australia, according to the latest SEEK jobs report.

As commentors try to digest Australia’s bewildering jobs print today which claims a monster 121,000 jobs were added in August, SEEK’s research says there was a 3.5% increase in new jobs ads for August – the highest monthly rise since January.

“Momentum in the employment market is improving across the board; suggesting the transition in the economy the RBA and Government have been looking for is occurring,” SEEK managing director Joe Powell said.

The strongest gains for August were seen in SA with a 7% rise and Queensland (4.2%). The ACT (3.8% up) was weakest, which SEEK says is a likely reflection on the Federal budget cuts.

Image: SEEK

NSW continues to perform strongly on a 12-month basis, with 16.2% growth on this time last year followed by Victoria (13.9%) and South Australia (up 13.5%).

The past 12 months has seen a sharp rise in demand for design architects, up a whopping 74%. Trades and services jobs are up 32%, banking and finance up 25% and farming up 21%.

The weakest area of job advertising over the 12 months has been in resources, down 30%.

“The states with greatest exposure to mining, Western Australia and Queensland, have by comparison underperformed; but importantly, even these states have experienced year-on-year gains in new job ads,” Powell said.

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