SEEK CEO Andrew Bassat says these are the three keys to successful innovation in business

SEEK CEO Andrew Bassat. Photo: Supplied

Andrew Bassat co-founded employment search company SEEK in 1997 and insists its success has been a result of solving fundamental market problems.

“Innovation is not an explicit focus for us, but is implicit in everything we do,” Bassat told Business Insider.

“Innovation is intertwined into the SEEK culture and its people.

“Our culture has a set of beliefs and attributes which highlight the value as a company we place on an employee’s ability to continuously evolve, strive, and challenge the status quo. These are traits which we recruit and reward by.”

As a result of this culture, Bassat says employees strive to address inefficiencies in the marketplace by creating new products and services, aiming to ensure approaches and processes are the right fit for the business and not just what is popular or easy.

“It is the culmination of having our employees all aligned through our culture which allows us to innovate at all levels of our business,” he says.

Here are Bassat’s three keys to successful innovation in business:

1. Having a clear purpose – Innovation in business has to be purposeful to direct people’s attention and give them clear opportunities to address and problems to solve. Make sure everyone knows the “why” so it is collaborative and focused innovation.

2. Support from the top – If the leaders in the business aren’t willing to take the business on a journey, it disempowers everyone else from innovating and taking risks.

3. Creating a culture that attracts and rewards innovation – If you do not have people who embrace and encourage change, effective innovation won’t happen.

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