Are The Seeds Of Revolution Spreading Throughout The Middle-East And China?

Egypt Protest

3arabaway, CC

Price of Oil & Commodities

  • Expert Roundtable: So far the price of oil has not significantly reflected the turmoil in the Middle East because the oil traders have felt that the petro-regimes will be brutal and crush the protests with superior force. After the recent reversal in fortune for the protesters in Bahrain, and the news getting out of large scale protests despite the colossal massacre in Libya, how realistic is it to assume that the petro-regimes will be successful in quelling protests? To some extent, Iran has been successful to date.  If the commodity markets sense that the protesters are gaining the upper hand, even in petro-regimes, what happens to the price of oil and other commodities?  [ To participate in Expert Roundtable visit ATCA 24/7 on Yammer ]

Saudi Arabia

  • Expert Roundtable: Will Saudi Arabia be touched by the pro-revolutionary developments in Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia? [ To participate in Expert Roundtable visit ATCA 24/7 on Yammer ]


  • China: ‘we want food, we want work, we want housing, we want fairness’ – police break up ‘protests’ after online appeal
  • China tries to stop ‘Jasmine Revolution’ of Mid-East: detains activists, stops mobile texting, censors internet search…
  • Expert Roundtable: What happens if China is unable to oppress and the online calls for a Jasmine revolution in China ultimately become too prolific to counter? [ To participate in Expert Roundtable visit ATCA 24/7 on Yammer ]


  • “I condemn the violence in Libya, including reports of the use of heavy weapons fire and a unit of snipers against demonstrators… this is clearly unacceptable and horrifying.” – William Hague, Foreign Secretary, United Kingdom
  • Libya: Mapping Pro-Democracy Protests in Real Time: Map created by compiling reports from trusted accounts on Twitter… shows multiple flash points across the country.
  • Libya inches down dark path; both sides escalate violence; eastern parts disintegrate into fiercest most savage fighting
  • Horrific developments in Libya: Snipers shoot protesters, artillery and helicopter gunships are being used against crowds of demonstrators.
  • Libya: While the world’s focused on Bahrain with 1/10th the population of Libya, the atrocities being committed in Libya are now horrific…
  • Benghazi, Libya: hospital official says 200 dead; special commandos, foreign mercenaries & loyalists mixture responsible
  • Libyan journalist: Some $500/day mercenary shock troops have been killed or captured. Vicious killers come from Chad etc. Libyans terrified.
  • Libyan protesters risk ‘suicide’ by army hands: Gaddafi confronts serious challenge by unleashing army on unarmed protest
  • Libya: after regime opponents used Facebook to mobilise protests, like Egypt, site was blocked on Saturday; internet connections are patchy
  • Bahrain, Libya, Yemen – anti-Govt. protests continue – security forces in Libya and Yemen carry out more deadly shootings
  • UK & France halt security equipment exports to Bahrain, Libya: UK Foreign Sec Hague alarmed soldiers fired on protesters


  • ATCA: We salute the excellence of NY Times’s Nick Kristof, who let the world know of the brutality in Bahrain. Well done!
  • Bahrain: crown prince orders removal of military from Pearl square; says citizens permitted stay in the spot without fear
  • Bahraini police surrenders to protesters as large crowds return to Manama’s Pearl Square after removing barbed wires…
  • From Libya to Bahrain, Mideast autocracy under fire: After Egypt set Arab imaginations alight, autocrats face an assault
  • Expert Roundtable: Tunisia and Egypt followed a more lenient model; Bahrain, Yemen and Libya are following a more violent model; so far the protesters appear to be undaunted despite severe loss of life and limb. What happens next? [ To participate in Expert Roundtable visit ATCA 24/7 on Yammer ]


  • Kuwait: 20 hurt in peaceful demo as it snowballed into violent confrontation with about 1,500 special security forces…


  • Oman protesters call for democracy, more jobs: about 300 people demand political reforms, better pay in peaceful protest


  • Algerian opposition leader Tahar Besbes badly injured during pro-democracy rally when riot police clash with protesters.


  • Moroccans want to reign in royal powers: 2,000 protesters gather in Rabat square to demand king gives up some of powers.

Syria & Djibouti

  • Protest shockwaves hit Syria: ‘People will not be humiliated’ Djibouti opposition supporters: president Guelleh step down


Dictators’ response to demos? Cut internet > Suspend trains & buses > Open fire > Use thugs > Offer concessions > When all fails, flee!

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