See Under Armour's wildly popular Sportsmask that sold out in less than an hour

Under ArmourThe three-layer Sportsmask is designed for athletic activities.

The reusable, water-resistant mask is designed to be as breathable and comfortable as possible during an intense workout.

Under ArmourDeonte Harris, wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints, models the Sportsmask.

Under Armour press release

The top of the mask features a moldable nose bridge, which creates a tight seal and prevents glasses from fogging up.

Under ArmourLacrosse player Taylor Cummings, midfielder for the Baltimore Ride, models the Sportsmask.

The mask has three layers: spacer fabric on the outside, a middle layer of open-cell foam, and an antibacterial layer on the inside.

Under Armour

The inner layer is made out of Under Armour’s specially-developed “Iso-Chill” fabric, which stretches and keeps cool against skin.

Under Armour

It is treated with PROTX2, an antibacterial and anti-odor fabric technology designed by IFTNA, an athletic fabrics manufacturer.

Under Armour

Under Armour says that PROTX2 has been shown in laboratory tests to destroy COVID-19, but further tests are being conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Under Armour

The middle foam layer provides structure, and also distances the inner layer from the outer layer for comfort and breathability.

Under Armour

The Sportsmask was available for $US30, but sold out within an hour of its release this week.

Under Armour

Athletes looking to get their hands on this mask can preorder on Under Armour’s website. Preorders will ship on or before August 17.

Under Armour

You can preorder the Sportsmask here.

In the meantime, Under Armour says it plans to give an undisclosed number of Sportsmasks to athletes in company hometowns around the world.

Under Armour

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