See The Gay-Pride Oreo That Overwhelmed Kraft's Facebook Page With Hate-Filled Comments

This image, of a Photoshopped gay pride Oreo cookie with rainbow-coloured creme filling, appeared on Kraft’s Facebook page for the brand just 13 hours ago. Since then it’s generated nearly 150,000 likes and 18,000 comments from people praising the company for standing against intolerance and from others who want to boycott the company for not being traditional or Christian.

The number of consumers liking the post vastly outweighs the number of commenters who say they have unliked Oreos, or will boycott the brand—suggesting that Kraft’s risk has paid off.

Kraft’s intent wasn’t subtle, either. The image was posted under the headline “Proudly support love!” Click to enlarge:

oreo lgbt gay prideThe gay pride Oreo, from Kraft’s Facebook page.

Photo: Kraft / Facebook

Here’s a sampling of the comments it generated:

Mark Bonney: It’s not hate. It’s obeying the word of God. The Bible says homosexuality of a sin. Regardless of what YOU say I will live my life based on the truth of God’s word. It isn’t hate. It’s love. Love that wants to save you from sin.

Jake Wampler: Oreos, keep supporting what you want to. Don’t let religious nuts stop you from making this world better. You have a lot more respect from me.


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