See The Best And Worst Moments For Debate Moderators This Election

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While the candidates have received enormous scrutiny on the debate stage this election season, their counterparts on the other side of the stage have not been left off the hook.

From Chris Wallace to John King, moderators at this year’s debates have been hit hard with their fair share of criticism (especially by Newt Gingrich). They have been accused of everything from pitting Republicans against one another to siding with liberal elites.

It seems like asking the questions is not such an easy task. Here are some of the best and worst moments from these debates.

Winners: Wolf Blitzer

Winners: Maria Bartiromo

CNBC's Maria Bartiromo also managed to get a peeved Newt Gingrich to answer her question, though she appeared a little more combative than Blitzer.

After being repeatedly challenged by Gingrich, who said that 30 seconds was not enough to answer her question of health care (a reasonable point), Bartiromo responded by saying she would give him as much time as he needs.

After a quick quip about his opponents not liking that, Gingrich laid out his plan.

Winners: Chris Wallace

Losers: John King

CNN's John King doesn't deserve criticism for questioning Gingrich about his marital history, but rather for the way in which he did it.

First, despite how big the story was, choosing to make that the first question of a presidential debate seemed like a rather questionable decision.

But more importantly, King did little to actually link that question to any substantive issue. Instead of tying the charge to some of the speaker's other ethically questionable acts or the hypocrisy he faces championing family values with such a record, King simply asked how he would respond to the charge.

Such a loose question seems more appropriate for a news show or a press conference, not on a nationally televised debate.

Losers: Juan Williams

Losers: Brian Williams

NBC's Brian Williams took some heat for telling audience members to hold their applause and cheers until the commercial break. But this isn't what we're faulting Williams for here.

Instead, the slight against Williams is that he just wouldn't stop talking. Well known for his intellect and frankly his verbosity, Williams seemed to drone on a little long when asking his questions. In fact, Gawker noted that Williams spoke a total of 2,137 words during the debate. Ron Paul had just 2,149.

It's a little ironic that Williams would ask audience members to hold their applause for the sake of time, while spending so much time talking himself.

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