See Lady Gaga's New 'Blood And Semen' Fragrance TV Ad — Here's Today's Ad Brief

Lady Gaga: This is the new TV spot for the singer’s “blood and semen” perfume, Fame. It was directed by Ridley Scott. (We first told you about this campaign on July 18.)

diet cokeDiet Coke: all new can.

Photo: Coca-Cola

Diet Coke: here’s what the newly redesigned can looks like. The new livery comes from design shop Turner Duckworth.
Anheuser-Busch InBev will sponsor a Jay-Z-produced concert movie. It’s another coup for Steven Stoute’s Translation.

Subway‘s Facebook page was overwhelmed with Japanese “Hentai” porn posted by trolls. Subway has taken up the issue with Facebook.

Tobacco logos banned completely in Australia. Replaced with health warnings.

EBay bans sale of magic spells and potions. Where will Hogwarts’ students go for back-to-school supplies?

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