Inside The Swag-Filled Cartoon Network's Upfront Event With Nick Cannon

Cartoon Network Nick Cannon

Yesterday afternoon, Cartoon Network held its upfront event—where a channel comes out and showcases its new and returning shows for the year—at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.

The venue was filled with television executives, ad agency media buyers, press, and, naturally, the cartoon characters who have made the network a success. 

Since 2005, the Cartoon Network is on track to have its best first quarter ratings ever. What makes the network so successful? The shows, their website and their celebrity appearances.

We’ll take you behind the scenes of Cartoon Network’s Upfront with character statues, new network shows, cool freebies, Nick Cannon and more. 

Welcome to the Roseland Ballroom, host venue of the Cartoon Network Upfront.

Here's our invite. Good thing we went to this one.

I was one of the first to arrive. The line wasn't so long at first ...

... but it quickly grew filled with press, guests and network executives.

At five after 4, they began to let us inside. Finally!

I'm the first press member to arrive. Here's where we checked in.

Forget folders filled with papers and photos. This is my press kit. All members of the press received a Cartoon Network USB flash drive filled with info on returning and new shows.

Making our way through the main lobby the next stop is Cartoon Network's red carpet ...

Time to head inside. There were plenty of staff on hand with champagne, peach martinis and food to keep you full and happy.

One left. Better claim it before someone else eyes it up.

One of two food tables inside.

When you filled your appetite on bite-size snacks and hors d'oeuvres, there's the open bar. He claimed to make the best cosmopolitans.

It was pretty good.

Enough of the bar. Let's check out the seating venue.

There were pillows scattered among the seats!

Everyone began to file into the auditorium, and buzz of Nick Cannon filled the air.

Spotted. Now if only we could get a photo in between all of the people going up to him every minute to introduce themselves and ask for pictures.

We're being ushered to our seats. Cannon, I'll catch you later.

A few of the top executives came out. Here's what we learned:

Sorry Nickelodeon. Cartoon Network is the number one network for 6-11-year-old boys.

Since 2005, the network is on track to have their best first quarter.

The network is the number one domain for kids—bigger than Facebook and YouTube.

We learned why Nick Cannon was there—the network picked up his kids sketch comedy series featuring Cartoon Network star, Jeremy Shada (below). From what we saw, it looks like there will be a lot of rapping from Shada and his family written by Cannon.

That's it. I was hoping for a screening of a new show or longer sneak peeks. I don't think I was the only one.

Plenty of people were taking home the pillows, including me.

With the event winding down, its time for photos with the Cartoon Networks top executives ...

... and television show actors. Nick Cannon is on the left.

Here's Nick Cannon with John O'Hara, Jeremy Shada and Joe Hogan.

Nick Cannon poses with Jeremy Shada, one of the stars of his new sketch comedy series.

Cannon looks like he's done with photos. Maybe if I can escape the crowd he has time for one more.

Mission accomplished.

We're heading out ... but not in that limo. Cab?

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