See if you can answer the questions asked in a child geniuses competition

Lifetime’s competition series “Child Genius” highlights 2o of America’s smartest children as they test their skills in a gruelling 8-week long national intelligence competition.

In cooperation with IQ society American Mensa, these gifted children, who have scored within the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized intelligence exam, are quizzed in mathematics, spelling, world geography, memory, current events, astronomy, inventions, logic, and culture.

These pint-sized brainiacs are asked to answer the following questions in 20 seconds:


[Without pen and paper]

Calculate 14 times 8 minus 11 and multiply by 2.

What is 1/2 of 538?

Add 39,553 and 2,302?

Add 61, 13, 49 and 43?

What is 22.8 divided by 3?

World geography

What is the official currency of Bulgaria?

What is the tallest waterfall in the world?

What is the capital of Sri Lanka?

What is the deepest point in the Pacific Ocean called?

What country is directly North of Cyprus?

By area what is the largest country in South America?

What is the official currency of Kenya?

If you flew East from New York City what would be the first country you’d fly over?

What is the most densely populated country in the world?

Human Body

The flexor carpi radialis muscle is located where?

Which component of blood aids in clotting?

What is the scientific name for the shin bone?

What part of the neuron picks up impulses of neighbouring neurons?

Which artery supplies blood to the thighs?

Which part of the brain coordinates muscle contractions and balance?

What prevents blood from flowing backwards in veins?


[Here are some of the words the contestants are asked to spell]


What is the world’s largest living bird?

What do most butterflies use to suck flower nectar?

How many humps does a dromedary have?

What is the order of bats called?

What are deer antlers made of?


Who developed the processes allowing the mass production of ammonia for use as fertilizers and explosives?
László Bíró sold a patent for what specific device to a French baron in 1950?
During WWII, Alan Turing developed what machine to decode encrypted messages sent by the German military?
What Austrian biologist discovered blood groups and developed their classification system?
What godson to Queen Elizbeth I invented the first flushing toilet in 1597?
Born in Mesotampia in 1136, what was name of one of the Islamic empires greatest technical geniuses?
Cornelius Drebbel most notably invented the first version of what in 1620?
Who invented the steam powered rotary printing press?
What device did Trevor Baylis invent in 1991?

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