Look At How Many Fake Followers The Most Popular People On Twitter Have

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Earlier this week we discovered Status Group’s new app that allows users to find out how many fake Twitter followers you and your friends have.We decided to have a little fun with the app and see how many fake followers vocal celebrities on Twitter have.

Lady Gaga has 28,445,916 followers, 47% of those are fake.

Of Rihanna's 23,314,400 followers, 48% are fake.

Kim Kardashian has 15,841,816 and 32% of those aren't real.

Digg Founder and Google Venture Capitalist Kevin Rose has 1,356,590 followers. 20% of those are fake.

Jack Dorsey Twitter co-founder and Square CEO has racked up 2,089,931 followers. 15% are fake.

Justin Bieber has 26,692,787 followers. 38% are fake.

Ashton Kutcher is known for being popular on Twitter, he has 11,898,057 followers. 36% are fake.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has 124,230 followers. Only 12% of his are fake.

21% of Tech Writer Guy Kawasaki's 1,117,779 followers are fake.

Business Insider's very own Henry Blodget has 58,490 followers. About 11% of those are fake.

Evan Williams, another Twitter co-founder has 1,514,668 followers. Only 15% of those are fake.

Dick Costolo, Twitter's current CEO, has 992,809 followers. 24% of those are fake.

Barack Obama has 18,600,769 followers. 41% of his followers are fake.

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has 860,635 followers. 22% of Romney's followers are fake.

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