See Inside A JCPenney Store Halfway Through One Of Ron Johnson's Disruptive Redesigns

JCPenney store redesign

One reason why JCPenney’s revenues have taken such a hit over the last year is that former CEO Ron Johnson’s plan to redesign the chain so it contains individual branded “shops” requires entire stores, or large sections of them, be shut down for weeks-long refurbishments.

Johnson resigned in April but the store redesign project is continuing without him.

We got a glimpse inside the process at the JCPenney in Jersey City, which is a huge anchor store inside the Newport mall there.

The disruption to the business can’t be understated: hundreds of square feet of the store are closed down with giant white tarps as the Johnson vision is built.

The store is open for business, even though it doesn't look like it.

Huge sections of the store are screened off with gloomy, ghostly white tarps.

Some of the mannequins look like they got stranded in the middle of nowhere.

This is/was the luggage section — but almost none of the stock is available for sale.

Most of the ground floor of this branch was closed for business.

The store is transformed into a maze.

Customers look a little lost — and there's not a lot for them to buy.

Martha Stewart will be here, although the project was a little behind schedule when we visited.

Happy Chic is another JCPenney brand getting its own in-house store.

We poked our camera through the tarp to see what they were doing on the other side. It's a giant construction zone, basically.

This is what it will look like when it's finished.

Do you need some acid-washed high-waisted jeans?

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