The Loser Sectors Are Falling Hardest

Last week, some of the recent ‘loser’ sectors fell the hardest. For the week ending April 30th, there was nowhere to hide sector-wise, as every sector experienced negative total returns. Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Health Care were hit particularly hard, as shown below.


The three worst performing sectors last week were the same worst performing sectors on a 1-month trailing basis. Thus the losers fell hardest.


From a year-to-date perspective, Telecom and Health Care have been complete dogs relative to other sectors. Financial Services has still done well vs. most sectors on this year to date basis, but in the last month began to slip. Hardware seems to have been the place to be during the last month, including last week.


In addition, based on the three charts above, Consumer Goods continue to look like a potentially overlooked sector, given lackluster relative performance on all time scales.

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