Here Are The Deep Dark Secrets People Are Sharing On Whisper, The App That Just Got Ripped Apart For Its Privacy Practices

The secret-sharing app Whisper faced some serious heat this week when two reporters from The Guardian wrote ascathing exposéthat accused the startup of gathering information about users and violating their privacy.

Whisper immediately fired back that The Guardian’s story was full of “lousy falsehoods,” and that it does not collect or store any personally identifiable information from users, insisting its service is completely anonymous.

The Guardian has since responded, reiterating that Whisper does collect users’ smartphone ID codes, their IP data, and, if people turn on their geolocation services, their location within 500 meters.

So, what kinds of things are people sharing on Whisper anyway?

Their jobs:

Their relationships:

Body issues:

Substance abuse:

Their sexuality:

Questionable things they have done:


Guilty confessions:


What makes them angry:


Their fears:

Embarrassing habits:

Inner struggles:

Their conversations:

Now, take a look at how people are using another startup:

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