How To Make Sure Your Future Employer Never Sees Those Embarrassing Facebook Photos Of You

Facebook has become a treasure trove of embarrassing and sometimes overly revealing photos. 

For those who joined the social network years ago, there are bound to be at least a few embarrassing pictures 

Snapchat has made ephemeral messaging all the rage. 

It’s become a great app for sharing photos and videos that you’d rather not live forever on the Web. But what about Facebook?

There’s a new iPhone app for Facebook called that does just that. You can download it here

First, head on over to the Apple App Store to download the app.

Once it's installed, launch the app from your home screen. is all about letting you take control of your life.

You'll need to connect the app to your Facebook account in order for it to work.

Sign in to Facebook.

Allow to access your profile, friend list, and custom friends list.

Here, you can decide whether or not you want to automatically post to Facebook.

The feed shows all of the photos you've shared on Facebook.

You can pull in photos from your camera roll or take a new picture.

Once you've selected a picture, hit share. currently offers 4 different visual encryption filters.




And Envelope.

In the future, envisions brands creating their own encryption filters.

Type in a few words to share and determine how long you want to share the photos for. You can set the photos to expire after one hour, one day, or one month.

Here, you can select which friends you want to share the photo with.

You can notify your friends with a Facebook message to let them know you've uploaded a new picture.

But you don't really need to bombard your friends' messages because they'll be able to see it on your Timeline.

Once a friend clicks on the image from your Timeline or news feed, they'll be able to see the original, unfiltered photo.

But it's worth mentioning that your friend could easily just take a screenshot of the image

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