Apparently The Secret Service Is Monitoring Fox News

First of all, were you aware the Secret Service had a Twitter account?  Just in general that doesn’t seem like the best idea, does it.

Case in point.  Earlier today a Secret Service agent, thinking they were on their personal account, accidentally Twittered out on the official account that he was tired of monitoring Fox News.

The Tweet was almost immediately taken down, but the Internet being what it is someone managed to grab it.

secret service twitter

It’s unclear based on the timestamp on the Tweet and the accompanying post what show exactly this agent was monitoring.   Since Glenn Beck only just started a few minutes ago it can’t be that. 

The post with the screengrab of the Tweet went up at 3:34, which is Shep Smith’s hour.  Shep doesn’t really blather, and today is was broadcasting live from the Mississippi floodzone.  Also of all the people one imagines the Secret Service would be monitoring on Fox News, Shep seems the least likely.

The mostly likely suspect is obviously Fox & Friends, but again who’s to say.  Maybe they accidentally tuned in to America Live and caught guest host Martha MacCallum talking to the “Medical A Team Expert” about Schwarzenegger. There was definitely blathering.

Update: Time’s Amy Sullivan RT’d it and judging from her timestamp it does in fact look like the Secret Service was tasked with watching America Live…with Megyn Kelly still out on maternity leave there is definitely a lot more blather.  What particular part of the blather the Secret Service was monitoring remains unclear.