7 Amazing SECRET Restaurants In Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, home of tofu and macrobiotic diets, is also home to a thriving scene of underground supper clubs.Our friends at Gusta, a new website devoted to publicizing under-the-radar dining experiences around the globe, helped us dig up some of the best secret pop-up restaurants and private dinners in the City of Angels.

They include a mystery theatre-esque eatery as well as an Ethiopian cafe.

Cloak & Dinner

Cloak & Dinner takes the allure of secrecy very seriously.

Chefs Nicola Iizuka and Sean Brogan keep the dinner dates secret, the seats are limited and the menus are a complete mystery to diners.

Patrons have called the exclusive underground supper club 'deliciously decadent,' saying there are 'tons of surprises in store for diners & never a dull moment.'

Find it: Check out Cloak & Diner's events on Gusta

Amy's Decadent Underground Dinners

Chef Amy Jurist prides herself on sticking to a theme.

'I always do themed dinners,' she said. 'They're one-night-only events.'

Her most popular theme is the Makin' Bacon dinner, which she has held for the past four years. In addition to her many courses of bacon-inspired food, the meaty theme runs throughout décor and drinks as well.

Jurist's florist created tall centerpieces that boasted umbrellas with little pigs. And for the drink, she created a bacon apple pie moonshine martini.

Past theme dinners, which are always held in different and secret locations, have included an all-mushroom dinner, a chocolate-centric dinner, and a lobster palooza.

Find it: Check out Amy's Decadent Underground Dinners' events on Gusta

Muddy Leek Underground

Chef Whitney Flood honed his presentation skills while working as the catering chef for New York's Tocqueville.

After he moved to the West Coast, Flood opened Muddy Leek Underground, a monthly supper club where each meal fits a different theme.

Flood and his team also provide entertainment, which can range from poetry reading to flamenco dancing, at the dinners.

Past events have included a seven-course meal featuring seasonal hors d'oeurves, and specialty beverages and house brews.

Find it: Check out Muddy Leek Underground's events on Gusta

Bereket Kitchen

Chef Becky Tsadik and her sister Kedist Tsadik opened their Ethiopian supper club as a way to celebrate the country.

'It's such a rich culture with a rich history,' Kedist Tsadik said.

The sisters came up with the idea to open an Ethiopian restaurant when they couldn't find any good Ethiopian food in Los Angeles.

'There seemed like there was a hole in the market,' Kedist Tsadik said.

They settled on the idea of a pop-up restaurant as a way to build their brand without investing in a full-time restaurant.

Guests of the invite-only supper club learn of the meal's location only 24 hours in advance.

Find it: Check out Bereket Kitchen's events on Gusta


Tennessee native Chef Isaiah Frizzell runs his pop-up eatery as a one-man show.

'It's mostly the food poetry of one person: I design everything and created the momentum entirely alone via social media,' Frizzell wrote in an email.

His meals have 10 courses and he always includes wild liquid nitrogen play.

'pHeast is more of a performance,' he wrote. 'It's kind of a party... punk aesthetics, most people don't know each other but everyone is there because of their love of food and unique celebrations.'

Find it: Check out pHeast's events on Gusta

Crispy Waffle & Frite (CWF)

Chef Aarti Kanodia operates the Crispy Waffle & Frite food truck and occasionally hosts underground dinner parties.

The idea for her menu was inspired by her love of twice-fried fries served in paper cones with dipping sauce, something previously unavailable in Los Angeles.

While she acknowledges that she isn't a typical secret restaurant, Kanodia says 'people still have to chase us around to find us.'

In between driving around Los Angeles selling waffles and fries, Kanodia and her team cater private events.

Yelp reviewers have called Kanodia's creations 'some damned delicious Belgian Waffles.'

Find it: Check out Crispy Waffle & Frite's events on Gusta

Orgasmo de la Boca

The name of Chef Alessandra Innamorato's supper club is a nod to 'the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of gastronomical excitation, usually resulting from stimulation of the taste buds, and accompanied by a massive mouth-watering response that sends shivers throughout the entire body,' according to the restaurant's website.

The pop-up eatery, which started as a supper club in Innamorato's apartment in Barcelona, is a monthly event. Not only do the locations change, but so does the type of event. Innamorato might host a cocktail party, dinner and a movie, or a sit-down dinner.

Plus, a percentage of her proceeds from certain events benefit local arts groups.

Find it: Check out Orgasmo de la Boca's events on Gusta

Never fear if you aren't on the West Coast. The East Coast has its own secret restaurants

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