Here's The Truth About The Video Of The Secret Mormon Ceremony That Just Leaked...

Mormon ritual

Photo: YouTube

A video that purports to be a hidden-camera recording of a secret Mormon church ceremony has hit YouTube.I know very little about Mormonism, but given that our next President may be a Mormon, I want to learn more.

So I watched the video.

It features what sounds like a pre-recorded soundtrack from a deep-voiced announcer explaining the symbolism of some parts of the Mormon “garment”–the special sacred underwear that Mormons wear that never ceases to fascinate non-Mormons.

The soundtrack also features the announcer re-enacting conversations between God and other people, using different voices for each. That’s mildly entertaining.

I don’t know what this ceremony is all about–perhaps one of our Mormon readers can explain it in the comments below (thank you in advance!). I assume it’s one of the super-secret rituals an ex-Mormon apostate describes here.

For those expecting to be let in some bizarre religious ritual, however, I have some unfortunate news.

The ceremony seems pretty boring.

I don’t want to needlessly offend our Mormon readers by embedding the video, but if you’re curious, you can watch it here. Again, I’d be grateful if someone could explain what’s happening and what it means (and why it’s so secret–because, honestly, it really doesn’t seem that interesting.)

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