11 secret features hidden in your Mac

Let’s face it: You probably don’t know as much about your Mac as you should.

But there’s hope!

We’ve put together some great tips and tricks that can show you how to save time using your Mac, from taking advantage of its hidden calculator to discovering the tiny but useful icon that has been right in front of your face the entire time.

Take a trimmed screenshot

Tired of taking screenshots that capture much more of your screen than you would like? Hold down Command + Shift + 4, which will change your cursor into a crosshair. After you have outlined what you want to be in the screenshot, simply take your finger off of your mouse and your screenshot will be saved.

Hide your dock in a flash

If your dock is getting in the way, pressing Command + Option + D will hide your dock. Want it back? Just repeat.

Invert the colours of your screen

For users running Mac OS X Lion or earlier, you can easily invert and revert the colours of you Mac display by holding down Command + Option + Control + 8. The feature was originally designed to help the visually impaired.

Quick tab management

If you have too many applications running and need to get rid of some, hold command and press your tab key to cycle through the applications. Tap Q to quit any of the applications or H to minimise.

Never tab past a box on an online form again

When filling out order forms online, tabbing through the input boxes often skips dropdown menus like the 'month' or 'year' selections. To allow your computer to tab through them like any other text box, simply open System Preferences => Keyboard => Shortcuts, and then choose 'All Controls' under 'Full Keyboard Access.'

Use Spotlight search as a calculator or for fast access to Wikipedia

By simply pressing Command + Spacebar, Apple's Spotlight search is brought up, allowing you to easily search for documents, apps, music, and the web -- even Wikipedia. But the real secret is that it also does basic maths, so if you need some multiplication or division done, just type it in the search bar!

Easily group files into one folder

For those with a cluttered desktop, one little shortcut can make consolidating files into one folder a snap. Simply highlight or click on the files that you would like to group, right click, and select 'New Folder With Selection.'

Experience Exposé in slow motion

The easy app-selection tool Exposé can be manipulated to work in slow motion if you have an earlier version of OS X. The secret is to just to hold 'Shift' while then pressing your Exposé key (usually F9, F10, or F11). Use this trick for a less abrupt window-switching method.

Hidden icon in plain sight

Once you save a Word, Pages, or PowerPoint document (as well as most other document types), a little icon appears at the top of your toolbar, next to the document name. You can treat this like a normal file icon and drag it wherever you like, which will move the file, too.

Switch internet tabs without using your mouse

To quickly switch between tabs in your web browser, simply hold down the Command key and press Tab to cycle through your open browser tabs.

Type an Apple icon in a flash

On any Apple computer, you can create an Apple icon by holding down Option + Shift + K. It looks like this .

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