SecondMarket Wants You To Know They're About More Than Facebook Shares

SecondMarket CEO Barry SilbertSecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert

SecondMarket has been in the news mostly as a place where people can buy shares in hot pre-IPO startups like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Zynga. But that’s actually less than 10% of their business, which helps trade all sorts of illiquid assets, Founder/CEO Barry Silbert told the WSJ.When the company was founded in 2007, it was about more exotic illiquid assets like mortgages, distressed debt and the like. But the heat around shares in big startups was so big that SecondMarket was happy to provide its services there, too.

It was great for PR, Silbert says, but ultimately it’s a small part of the business, which handled about $5 billion of transactions last year, only $400 million of which was pre-IPO stock. The company generates about $40 million in yearly revenue now.

So, now you know.

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