The NRA Has A Major ‘Competitor’ That Won Huge Fights Against Gun Control

The National Rifle Association has become synonymous with the pro-gun rights lobby, but it’s definitely not the only game in town, NPR reported today.

After the Gun Control Act of 1968 passed, new groups emerged to fight against gun control, including one that has been quite successful: The Second Amendment Foundation.

“Basically, after the competition in gun rights started, the NRA was forced to rethink how to do things,” SAF’s special projects director Phil Watson told NPR, which pointed out that SAF won a number of legal battles.

Indeed, one of those victories came just a few days before last week’s massacre at a Connecticut elementary school. Here’s a run-down of that win and other battles the NRA’s lesser-known cousin has won.

  • On Dec. 11, a federal appeals court in Chicago struck down Illinois’ law that barred people from carrying concealed weapons. SAF was one of the plaintiffs in the case, which did away with the last strict concealed weapons ban in the country.
  • In March, SAF won its fight to give legal immigrants the right to get a firearms licence in Massachusetts.
  • That same month, SAF won its challenge to North Carolina’s law allowing the state to temporarily ban firearms during an emergency. A judge found the law struck at the “very core of the Second Amendment,” the Winston-Salem Journal reported.
  • Perhaps most notably, SAF was one of the groups behind a Supreme Court case that resulted in a decision clarifying the Second Amendment applies to states. The 2010 decision did away with Chicago’s ban on handguns.

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