SEC Investigating Insider Trading In Apple Stock

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The Huffington Post’s Dan Dorfman says the SEC is looking into suspicious trading in Apple’s stock (AAPL).

In an article published last night, Dorfman says he obtained SEC documents that underscores an investigation of the trading of Apple shares, both here and abroad. Specifically, Dorfman writes:

“What the agency is seeking in its queries to the brokerage community are the names of its clients who specifically bought and sold Apple’s securities in those four time periods and whether anyone did so with a knowledge of non-public, inside information.”

The time periods Dorfman writes about are periods around major new product releases as well as the news surrounding CEO Steve Jobs’ health earlier this year.

A trader quoted in the article pointed to “some uncanny trading” of the AAPL shares around these events.

Still, with Apple and Jobs being the subject of so much daily chatter online and among tech circles, is it realistic for the SEC to find specific instances of speculators trading the AAPL shares on information provided to them with the intent of providing an unfair trading advantage?

That may be a difficult one to prove.

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