College Baseball Is Adding A Play Clock: Will The Majors Follow Suit?

batting gloves baseball david wright mets adjustingDavid Wright spends a lot of valuable TV time adjusting his batting gloves.

Photo: Flickr/Ted Kerwin

The SEC will begin using a play clock during its college baseball games, according to USA Today.The clock will give pitchers 20 seconds between pitches (hitters must be ready in 15 seconds), and 90 seconds between outs.

The clock figures to speed the pace of the game, and, hopefully make it more watchable. Considering Major League Baseball’s well-documented declining ratings, it would be wise to keep tabs on how this initiative works out.

Obviously, baseball traditionalists wouldn’t stand for this, and perhaps rightfully so. MLB’s declining national ratings are countered by growing local audiences and the sheer number of games.

But, in talking to scouts, a main concern at the Winter Meetings was the sport’s lack of traction with America’s best athletes.

So if this increases the time spent actually playing the game, rather than adjusting jock straps, it could be worth trying out when baseball’s dinosaurs move on.

Add it to the list of changes that could save baseball >

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