SEC Continues Its Domination Of College Football

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Auburn’s win last night over Oregon in the BCS Championship game marked the fifth straight national championship for the SEC since Texas beat USC in 2005.And while the SEC was just 5-5 in bowl games this season, they were 5-2 in bowl games between January 1 and last night. And their five wins was the most for any conference.

And the domination of the college football landscape goes beyond just the last five seasons. Since the formation of the Big 12 conference in 1996, the SEC has won eight titles in 15 years (including one split title in 2003).

Here is a full breakdown of the schools to win at least a share of the national championship in the last 15 years and their conference affiliation…

NCAA Football Champions

Only the Big 12 has more than two titles over the same period, and one of those (Nebraska, 1997) was a shared title. Here is a list of the number of titles won by each conference over the last 15 years…

NCAA Football Champions

Just because schools like Florida or Alabama aren’t in the hunt for the national title, doesn’t mean it is a down year for the SEC. It just gives other schools an opportunity to jump up and stake their claim.

The SEC is the best football conference in the country. And there might not even be a number two.

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