CAREFUL: There's A Hoax Press Release Out There Saying Short-Seller Carson Block Was Charged By The SEC

Carson Block

Photo: Bloomberg

There’s a “press release” on this morning saying that the SEC has charged short seller and Sino-Forest slayer Carson Block with fraud.It’s getting a lot of attention, but it looks like a hoax.

First of all, it’s on, a “Free Press Release” site that anyone can use to publish misinformation.

Second, there’s nothing on the SEC’s website. 

Third, the litigation release 21053 is recycled from an old release from May 2009.

We called the SEC for comment. They told us, “on the record – no comment.” UPDATE: The SEC confirms it’s a hoax. They just told us, “We have issued no such litigation release.”

But it’s pretty obvious that it’s a hoax that someone sent out before the open hoping for a quick price bump so they could sell.

Last night’s news that John Paulson dumped Sino Forest was of course going to deal the stock a huge blow.

The first tweet of the news went out this morning at 8:55.

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