SEC Charges Silicon Valley VC William “Boots” Del Biaggio


Considered to be a “young financial god” after financing initial public offerings for and VerticalNet during the 1990s, Silicon Valley VC William “Boots” Del Biaggio III faces SEC charges that he used forged documents to borrow $100 million.

He used the money to buy the National Hockey League’s Nashville Predators, stoke his gambling habit and generally live large, says the SEC.

Despite the large sums of money, Del Baggio’s scheme’s weren’t particularly sophisticated, according to  the New York Times.

He basically wrote lenders memos on false letterhead featuring the words “Sand Hill.” He also doctored a broker friend’s client statements to make it appears as though their assets belonged to him.

An SEC investigator told the Times: “It’s shocking in some ways that he was able to get $45 million in loans from a fairly simplistic fraud.”

Del Biaggio’s agreed Thursday to a ban from serving as an investment advisor.

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