Sebelius Made Her Controversial Speech At Georgetown University

Sebelius Georgetown

Sebelius is making her controversial appearance at a Georgetown University commencement right now.

She received warm applause at the beg ginning but her remarks were quickly interrupted by a protest of shouting about abortion. 

The protest was quickly quieted, and when Sebelius continued  she received a healthy dose of applause. 

So far the speech is a pretty anon dyne address about the merit of public service. 

“No matter what path you choose the path is going to be hard,” –that sort of thing.  

But after talking about her upbringing and education she marveled at where her life has taken her: 

Now I have the opportunity to implement the legislation after 7 decades of failed debate ensuring that all Americans have access to affordable health care coverage. 

She referred obliquely to her role in this year’s controversy over religious liberty and public policy aiming at giving women access to free contraception through their employer’s health plans. 

People have deeply held beliefs on all sides of these discussions. ANd you as public policy leaders will be called to help lead these debates forward. When I was in junior high, John F. Kennedy was running for office… 

Some of his opponents attacked him for his religion.  The furor over the course of the campaign grew to such an extent that Senator Kennedy chose to deliver a speech just seven weeks before the election. …  

Here we are more than 50 years later and debates about the intersection of our country’s long history of religious freedom, with public policy.”


Our system is messier, slower, more frustrating and better. It is through this process of conversation and compromise that we move forward step by step toward that more perfect union.


Sebelius’ appearance at a Catholic University commencement  has been the cause of a civil war within the American Church. Including outright anger and protest from Catholic student groups. The debate is heated. 


Sebelius is the Obama Administration official who promulgated the rule that Catholic schools and hospitals had to provide co-pay free contraception, sterilization and morning-after pill coverage in their health plans.

And the Catholic bishops see this as a major threat to their free exercise of religion. But the administration used the stumbles of House Republicans and Rush Limbaugh to change the conversation to one about how Republicans were waging a “war on women.” 

If she makes any major mistake, it could give the momentum back to the opponents of her controversial mandate. 


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