Law Student Slams Recruiters For Being Total Hypocrites

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By now we all know if you don’t go to a top school, you might be behind the curve when it comes to finding a job.For the legal industry in particular, recruiters have said if you aren’t able to attend a top-tier school, it might be a good idea to just find a new career.

But, if recruiters have such big expectations of students, isn’t it only fair they hold themselves to the same high standards?

That answer is yes, according to Sebastian Salek, a law student at Clare College, Cambridge who’s completely fed up with “sloppy” recruiters.

“So listen up, graduate recruiters! We may be desperate, but, realistically speaking, there are more suitable opportunities out there than we have time to apply for,” Salek wrote in a recent op-ed for The Independent. “What this means for you is that even the tiniest slip-up and we could be writing you off for good. Sound familiar?”

Recruiter mistakes range from emails filled with grammar errors to failing to notify students if they don’t get the job.

Some of Salek’s requests seem a bit labour-intensive. For example, he asks recruiters to create separate interview forms for graduates applying for jobs and for people who are already in the field and are applying for jobs. But we have to say his overall message makes sense.

Graduates often spend hours filling out applications or preparing for job interviews. If they can put in so much effort, it just makes sense that recruiters should do the same.

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