Sebastian Junger Tells Shep Smith About His Best Friend Tim Hetherington’s Death


Sebastian Junger dropped by Shep Smith‘s show on Thursday afternoon to talk about the tragic death of his friend and Restrepo co-director Tim Hetherington.

“[It’s] pretty much the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, and I’m sure for his family as well,” Junger told the host.

“He devoted his life to documenting the human cost of war and now he’s part of that cost. I’ve covered war for almost 20 years, and it cost me something psychologically sometimes, emotionally sometimes, but this is the first time I really understand what war means. It means you lose the closest people you have in your life. I knew that abstractly but not personally, and it was really pretty stunning. I think after 20 years I think I’m pretty much ready to not get shot at anymore. I’m going to keep doing my job, but not from frontlines anymore.”

Junger took issue with Smith’s continued insistence that America is in a war with Libya.

“Thank god we don’t have troops on the ground. I think that’s qualitative difference. That really puts us in the vulnerable position in a way that just using air power does not. You can call it a war, but it’s not a war like Afghanistan is. It’s a really different thing.”

Video below.