Seattle Startup Crawl? Yes, It’s Where You Drink Beer and Talk Tech Smack

Being fairly new to the tech scene I decided I would make an impact this summer – locally, nationally and internationally.  I would say things have come together better than I expected.  Here is something I am doing on the local level, it’s an event I organised coming up this Friday.

Food, Drink and Tech: The Seattle Startup Crawl is Friday, August 26th Starting at 5pm
It will be in the form of a progressive party, with each host providing their choice of snack/beverages.  We will start at approximately 5pm with Cheezburger Inc./ as the first co-hosts.  After a drink or two, the group moves on to the offices of Estately/Nine-by-Blue to continue the festivities.  Next, around 7pm the group (probably growing at this time) will arrive at Habit Labs on 9th and finish up with a stop at Big Door in South Lake Union.  The afterparty will begin immediately afterwards, held downstairs (in the same building) hosted by Founders Co-op/TechStars.

If you are not in Seattle, I am sure you are asking yourself “Why am I reading about something going on in Seattle?”  I am informing you about this with the hope of more communities doing things like this to help “incubate” the tech scene around the country (and world).  More opportunities to connect with like-minded people in causal environments will undoubtedly yield more cool ideas.

How about a Austin Startup Crawl?  New York City Startup Crawl?  Boston Startup Crawl?  Chicago Startup Crawl?  Where else…?

If anyone wants to do something like the Seattle Startup Crawl or needs tips on how to organise one, please email or connect with me.


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