The Seahawks still have one enormous advantage over the rest of the NFL

Every team in the NFL faces the same two difficult hurdles. That is, every team wants a franchise quarterback and once they get one, they have to figure out a way to pay them what they are worth and still be able to afford a quality roster around him.

With Russell Wilson still without a new contract — and it is looking more and more like he won’t get one this offseason — the Seahawks are the envy of the NFL with a franchise quarterback scheduled to have a salary cap figure of just $US1.7 million this season, or about 1.1% of their cap space. For comparison, the other 31 NFL teams have an average of 9% of their salary cap taken up by quarterbacks and many of them don’t even have a franchise-quality signal caller on the roster.

Wilson is grossly underpaid for what he has accomplished in the NFL. But in the short-term, there is a huge advantage to the Seahawks to wait before they give him the big contract he deserves.

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