Police dashcam footage shows the moment a plane made an emergency landing on a highway south of Seattle during the morning commute

Q13Clear the runway.
  • Police dashcam footage shows the moment a single-prop aeroplane made an emergency landing on a highway in Parkland, Washington, on Thursday morning.
  • The pilot said his plane stalled, forcing him to land on State Route 7 during the morning commute. No injuries were reported.
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Police dashcam footage shows the moment a small aeroplane made an emergency landing on a Washington state highway during the busy morning commute.

The incident happened Thursday morning in Parkland, Washington, about an hour south of Seattle.

State Trooper Clint Thompson was driving down State Route 7 when he spotted what to him looked like a remote-control aeroplane in the sky. As the aircraft got closer to his cruiser, he realised it was much bigger.

“I decided to make a U-turn, turn on my emergency lights, and try to slow traffic down to give him a place to land,” Thompson told the Seattle-based KOMO News. “In my 21 years, this is a first.”

The video shows the plane touching down and coming to a halt just before an intersection. No injuries were reported.

The plane’s pilot, David Acklam, told officials his plane experienced a fuel-system malfunction that caused it to stall.

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“I was flying to work and my engine quit and made a forced landing on Pac. Ave.,” he said, according to KOMO.

Acklam added that he was grateful to Thompson for helping to clear the road and then for helping to move his aeroplane off the road after he landed.

“I would like to thank the trooper for what he did probably saved me from serious injury or death and somebody else from getting in a car crash with the plane,” Acklam said, according to KOMO. “Thanks to the State Patrol,” he continued, adding that “it’s a good day to be alive.”

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