Cash Strapped States To Get Tough On Seatbelt Laws


Just in case taxes on plastic bags don’t amount to enough to fill revenue shortfalls at states around the country, fines for not wearing your seatbelt could be next.

AP: More than a dozen states that are considering making the switch to primary seat-belt enforcement laws need to do so before July to be eligible for millions in federal money.One of those states is Ohio, which would get $26.8 million if it changes its law. Currently, officers in the state must first have some other reason to stop drivers over before issuing seat-belt citations.

So you see, there’s a double benefit. The direct revenue from tickets, as well as federal money for cracking down on seatbelt scofflaws.

In general, get ready for a world of more fees and fines and charges, not just at states but at companies. Banks for example, who no longer know how to make money now that their old models are busted, will increasingly charge retail customers for this and that, after a long time of FREE everything. And government, of course, will just cream you at ever chance it gets. What are you gong to do, move?