After The iPad 2 Mis-Pricing Fiasco, Sears Accidentally Hacks $800 Off A 40-Inch Flat Screen HDTV

Angry Crowd has made a few big flubs in pricing.  Last week it accidentally priced the iPad 2 at $69 instead of $675.

They also seem to have mispriced a 40-inch flat screen TV by $800.

On July 8, Nick Stevens purchased what he thought was one heck of a deal: a Haier HL40XP1 40-inch 1080p LCD HDTV for $87.98.

Yesterday he received an email from saying the item was “no longer in stock.”

But it seems his $87 was really refunded because Sears missed a “7” in the pricing. Today, the same item is retailing for $790 more than initially advertised: $877.98.

Stevens says he knows of at least 10 other people who fell for the same false advertisement.

This isn’t the first time the retailer has fat fingered a price. Back in January, hundreds of snowblower buyers were enraged when a pricing error left them out cold.

Here’s the cancellation email Stevens received from Sears:


And here’s the same product with the correct price on today:


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