After Another NSFW Incident, Sears Removes All 'Exotic Apparel' From Its Website



Sears was pretty redfaced after a third party vendor called Fright Depot put up an image on the website that showed more of the model than Sears would’ve liked.So, Sears has now made the decision to completely get rid of the “Exotic Apparel” section of its website, reports Scott Stump at TODAY.

The Exotic Apparel section listed items like see-through slips, leather thongs and fishnets. None of the offerings in the section were available in actual Sears stores — they were online-only and from third-party sellers.

The controversy surrounding the purple see-through slip is what put Sears over the edge, but the retailer has had problems with the images in the past, such as an incident on Valentine’s Day that the company was embarrassed about.

Sears has regular audits of the images that go up on its websites, but it hasn’t been able to catch everything.

Here’s what Sears spokesperson Tom Aiello had to say to TODAY:

“We started a discussion about whether we even need that Exotic Apparel section of the website. We have made a decision to take that whole section of the site down. There was not a lot of negative customer feedback. It was more of just looking at it in terms of the benefits of taking it down outweighing the benefits of keeping it up. It’s not something that we need to keep up.”

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