NEW SEARCH DATA OUT: Google Up, Bing Up, Yahoo Down

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Photo: Associated Press

The latest U.S. search data is out from comScore, and Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter has it.

  • Google is up to 66.8% for June, as compared to 66.7% in May.
  • Bing is at 15.6% for June as compared to 15.4% in May.
  • Yahoo is down to 13% for June as compared to 13.4% in May.

This trend has been playing out a while now. Google and Bing pick up a little bit of share, Yahoo loses a little bit. Considering how much money Microsoft has invested in Bing, it has to be disappointing that Google isn’t losing share.

Schachter notes that this is only desktop searching. Mobile search is growing faster overall and is dominated by Google.

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