Search Marketing Firm Sees Retailers Spending More, Getting Less

Search marketing firm SearchIgnite says its retail clients have so far spent 33% more on Google (GOOG), MSN (MSFT), and Yahoo (YHOO) search ads during the fourth quarter than they did during the same period last year, despite the fact that the retailers’ customer orders are 6.2% less valuable.

The bump from Q3 2008 to the first half of Q4 2008 has also been larger, increasing 58%, compared to an increase of 40% from Q3 2007 to the first half of Q4 2007.

What’s it all mean? SearchIgnite claims its clients are allocating larger portions of overall smaller marketing budgets toward more measurable search ads.

But of course they’d say that. SearchIgnite is, afterall, in the business of selling search ads.

Also: the report doesn’t say how much retail search spending increased from the first half of Q4 2006 to Q4 2007, so we can’t say exactly how remarkable 33% y/y growth is.

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