Source says Sean Spicer wants to go on SNL

Sean SpicerDrew Angerer/Getty ImagesSean Spicer, the former embattled White House press secretary, is reportedly interested in a cameo on late night comedy.

Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary who resigned last month, may be interested in a cameo on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” an unnamed source told Us Weekly.

The nighttime comedy show’s viral roasts of Spicer, played by Melissa McCarthy, are widely credited with transforming the Washington insider into a household name among both critics and fans.

“He asked someone he knows that is close to a cast member to help him,” the source told Us Weekly. “It was his idea!”

But the report is unconfirmed and another source close to Spicer told the New York Post that he’s not interested in a foray into comedy.

The SNL skits, which poked fun at everything from Spicer’s chewing gum habit to his hostile approach to the media, are most popular among his critics, and while Spicer has admitted to finding some of the portrayals funny, he recently told Fox News that many of the jokes were “stupid, silly, or malicious.”

“I’m a prankster, I like a good joke. I think when it’s funny, it’s funny. Sometimes it goes from funny to mean,” he said. “I think that there were parts of it that were funny, but there’s a lot of it that was over the line. It wasn’t funny. It was stupid, or silly, or malicious.”

But Us Weekly’s source says Spicer has “changed his tune” about SNL.

“Yes, he criticised ‘SNL’ before, but he’s changed his tune. He wants to make a cameo!” the source said.

Spicer resigned on July 21 after President Donald Trump chose investment firm founder Anthony Scaramucci, who has since been ousted from the White House amid scandal, as his new communications director.

Spicer was widely criticised by the news media and Democrats for blunders, misleading statements he made at the podium, and his combative interactions with reporters. He began his 182-day tenure on shaky ground when he attacked reporters at his first press briefing and falsely claimed that the crowd at Trump’s inauguration was the largest in American history.

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