Fox News commentator brings up Sean Spicer's Holocaust flub after saying producer left it out of the agenda

Fox News commentator Bob Beckel put one of his co-hosts on the defensive on Tuesday when he criticised White House spokesman Sean Spicer’s bizarre comments about the Holocaust.

At a press briefing just hours earlier, Spicer claimed that unlike Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Adolf Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on his own people. The ahistorical claim sparked a firestorm of criticism online.

Beckel took a moment out of the program to address the comments, which he said a Fox News producer left out of the show’s agenda.

“I can’t let this go because our producer didn’t put it in the lineup, but Sean Spicer, the president’s press secretary, today said … Hitler didn’t gas his own people, referring to Assad,” Beckel said.

He continued: “Sean, go back and take a hard look at the Second World War, where gas was used.”

Beckel’s co-host Gret Gutfeld then cut Beckel off, and appeared to excuse Spicer for the remarks.

“Obviously he made a mistake, Bob,” Gutfeld said. “Thank God none of us here make mistakes like that.”

“That’s a pretty big mistake,” Beckel responded.

“Oh, I admit it’s a pretty big mistake,” Gutfeld said. “But let’s remember how many big mistakes are made at this table.”

Watch the exchange below:

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