SPICER: There is no ‘plan B’ for healthcare if the GOP replacement bill fails

Sean Spicer

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Wednesday projected confidence that the Republican bill to repeal and replace Obamacare would pass a critical House vote.

Spicer told reporters during a daily press briefing that there is no back-up plan for the American Health Care Act, which has also been colloquially referred to as “Trumpcare” and “Ryancare,” because the bill would pass.

“No, there is no plan B,” said Spicer. “There is a plan A, and plan A. We’re going to get this done. We’re going to get it done, that’s it, plain and simple.”

During a recent meeting, Trump told conservative groups that are against the bill that his plan B was to allow Obamacare, officially named the Affordable Care Act, to “collapse” and then blame Democrats for any negative outcomes.

Spicer also said that Trump is working to corral as many votes for the AHCA as possible, using Paul Ryan’s nickname “The Closer” to describe Trump.

“Members continue to come over with us,” Spicer said. “The number [voting for the AHCA] is going higher and high, not lower and lower, so the trajectory is great. As I mentioned, everybody is out there, going full court press and this is the opportunity for anyone who wants to see this done.”

As of Wednesday, the margin for passage was razor-thin. Republicans could only have 22 defectors, but the conservative House Freedom Caucus leaders — whose members say that the bill does not go far enough to repeal Obamacare — said they have 25 members that plan to vote against the bill.

Watch Spicer’s response below:


Sean Spicer: “There is no plan B” on health care bill. “There is plan A, and plan A” — pass it tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/eGpt8CzfdG
— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) March 22, 2017

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