Facebook Billionaire Sean Parker And Wife Say They've Received Death Threats Following Their Elaborate Wedding

sean parker wedding

Sean Parker and his wife’s elaborate, multi-million dollar wedding was extensively covered in the press, and now the couple is suffering backlash. He and Alexandra Lenas had to cancel their honeymoon to manage the situation.

Parker maintains that the press was unfair in its coverage and butchered some of the facts, such as how much the couple actually spent on the Redwood affair ($4.5 million instead of $10 million, and most of it was spent restoring the forest grounds). Guests who attended said the wedding was beautiful and tastefully done.

In an email to The Guardian, Parker describes some of the cruel reactions from people who believe the lavish wedding harmed the environment:

My wife and I should be happy right now, elated to have been married. Instead we are being spat upon by complete strangers while walking together on the street, cursed at by a waiter in a restaurant who had read bogus media reports about our wedding, and told by complete strangers that we should get our divorce papers ready since our marriage clearly isn’t going to last.

…Trying to correct every misconception about me would be a losing battle and I would drive myself crazy trying to do it. This situation is different because it relates to one of the most personal and private of moments in life – my wedding. The ceremony was spiritual, intimate, and private – really only intended for our friends and family. We did not want this media spectacle because we felt it would compromise the very essence of what we were trying to communicate.

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