WATCH: Jimmy Fallon's Strange, Awkward, Wonderful Interview With Sean Parker

fallon parker

Jimmy Fallon interviewed Sean Parker at the NExTWORK Conference, and the results were strange and magical.

Fallon’s first question, “How did you write ‘Sexy Back’?” — was met, predictably, with an awkward non-response.

It sort of went downhill from there, although the conversation was always genial and fun.

But it was weird as well.

Was Parker a hacker when he was younger?

“I was a member of an elite underground crew of cyber-criminals,” he told Fallon, who he met for the first time moments before the interview began.

The Napster founder had two Bulletin Board Systems when he was younger. (Initially, Fallon had no idea what “BBS” stood for.”) The first called Realm of Darkness and the second named Lucid Nightmare. He created the latter so you couldn’t call in from the United States and spent time communicating with hackers from the Eastern Bloc.

“We didn’t even talk. We just shared code.”

“Are we on topic?” Parker asked at one point after a discussion that meandered from the size of floppy disks to penis size. (“So the five and a half were floppy and the three and a halves were hard?”)

Things did get serious near the 10-minute mark. (And almost certainly in the rest of the 45-minute interview.)

Let’s talk Napster: “Napster wasn’t a commercial success. Napster actually left everybody deeply in debt and left everyone actually with personal liability and huge lawsuits,” Parker said. “There was a period of time where I was quite afraid that if I ever made any money it would be an incentive for the record labels to resume ligation against me personally so I lived under this dark cloud after Napster.”

That’s sort of depressing. Maybe more penis jokes?

Video below.

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