Sean Parker: Gowalla Lost To Foursquare Years Ago, And Didn’t Listen To My Ideas

sean parker

[credit provider=”Screenshot from LeWeb”]

Gowalla investor Sean Parker reflected on what went wrong with the company at LeWeb today.After saying he liked and respected the team, he said Gowalla’s approach “to the market was lacking in innovation.”

The product was “just too similar to Foursquare.” They could have done a lot of “interesting things” to differentiate themselves, but they didn’t.

What’s worse, Parker says he offered up “specific product feedback” on how to make Gowalla better, but the team rejected it, sticking to their plan. They were “dead set” on doing what they wanted to do.

The problem is that they “lost the market a few years ago to Foursquare,” and “superficial changes were never going to position them as a contender.”

All that said, Parker said he’s happy they had a soft landing at Facebook. He still thinks the team is talented, and as someone with much of his personal worth tied to Facebook he’s thrilled those guys are going be working at Facebook.