Facebook's First President On "Boozing And Whoring"

Sean Parker

Photo: Wikipedia

Sean Parker, Facebook’s founding president, was interviewed at a conference. Parker was a co-founder of Napster and between Napster’s crash and Facebook went through a rough patch, sleeping on friend’s couches. He said he spent time “trolling on Myspace all day long for girls, trying to get laid.” His honestly is commendable (your writer would be lying if he claimed he hadn’t done the same). He also spoke about his once-obsession of video games, to the point where it almost took over his life. “I have an extremely addictive personality. I had to replace it with boozing and whoring.” Again, sounds familiar. (“Just kidding!,” he added.)

He also spoke about his enthusiasm for the beloved music service Spotify, reiterating that yes, it will get into the US, and yes, it is going to be awesome and huge and the future of music. 

(Via HuffPo)

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