Rams head coach Sean McVay once again showed off his insane ability to remember any play of his coaching career

Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesSean McVay never forgets a play.
  • Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay once again showed off his impressive memory in an interview.
  • McVay was already known for his near-perfect ability to recall any play his team has run, and this time proved that his memory goes back further than his time with the Rams.
  • The skill immediately brings to mind LeBron James’ similar ability to recount details from his games.

Sean McVay is one of the most exciting head coaches in the NFL.

Last season, McVay took over the Los Angeles Rams at just 30-years-old to become the youngest head coach in the history of the league and led the Rams to an 11-5 record – the team’s best campaign since 2003. In 2018, with a reloaded roster, Los Angeles might be the strongest team an NFC conference stacked with talent.

But beyond his prowess as a head coach at such a young age, one of McVay’s most impressive talents is his ability to recall essentially any play his teams have ever run. McVay’s unique skill was first revealed during an interview with HBO’s “Real Sports,” leaving Bryant Gumbel stunned as he recalled precise play calls and situations from random moments through his first season with the Rams.

On Wednesday, another video showed McVay hadn’t lost a step, and that his memory even goes back to his days before becoming a head coach.

McVay’s photographic memory feels akin to LeBron James’ similarly perfect recall of games he’s played in. And while videos like this might make the skill look like a fun bit of trivia, it also shows just how sharp his mind is when it comes to football and play calling.

The Rams host the Cardinals in their home opener this Sunday, looking to move to 2-0 on the season and keep pace atop the NFC.

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