Sean Hannity: Obama Is 'Laughing His arse Off At All Of You'

Sean Hannity


On his syndicated radio show on Tuesday, Fox News host Sean Hannity said the fact that it took the media so long to debunk the White House claim that the killing of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya was the result of an anti-Islam YouTube video is indicative of a larger problem, telling the mainstream media, President Barack Obama is “laughing his arse off at all of you because you are so dumb.””It’s astonishing,” Hannity said. “Obama acts as if his words are actual reality, and they mean nothing to him. And I’m going to tell you something — all you liberals out there, all you people in the media.

“I’m telling you, Obama in private is just laughing his arse off at all of you because you are so dumb, so gullible, so easily manipulated. And all he has to do is tell you that there is a doughnut in the sky and you’ll report there’s a doughnut in the sky.

“And behind the scenes, he knows he is advancing his radical agenda and that you’re helping him do it. And he knows what fools you all are. And he knows that you have basically drunk the Kool-Aid and that you’re out there and you will say and do whatever he tells you to say and do.”

Hannity rattled off several examples of Obama’s scapegoats and called that “a big problem for a country that wants to remain free.”

“If he blames an ATM machine kiosk, if he blames [George W.] Bush, Fox News, conservative talk radio, the tea party, the Chamber of Commerce — you’re going to go out there and you’re going to regurgitate it just like good little journalists will,” Hannity said. “And Obama’s list of people, things and events, you know — if he tells you, ‘It’s the ATM machine that took all the jobs away,’ you’ll go out there and say, ‘You know, the president makes sense here.’ That’s a big problem for a country that wants to remain free, isn’t it?

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